Takeda Mokurai “Heart Sutra”

ID 00330

Takeda Mokurai


Zen Rinzai. The chief abbot of the Ken’nin-Ji section. The founder of Ken’nin-Ji monastery.


Heart Sutra.



Paper Dimension 112*40

Whole Dimension 190*52.3


Sumi ink on silk and silk mounting are fine.


Price 80,000JPY

He is called Sahen-tei. He studied under Ekkei Syuken at Myoshin-Ji monastery, Tairyu at Shogen-Ji monastery, Gisan at Daitoku-Ji monastery, and Tokai Yuzen at Bairin-Ji monastery in Kurume, and succeeded the Dhrama of Tokai Yuzen. He became the chief abbot of the Ken’nin-ji and served as a Zen master of the Ken’nin-Ji monastery. He founded the Daigo-do at Reito-in and sat it as a monastery. In 1929, he left the Zen master of the monastery to his Dharma heir, Takeda Eisen, and retired. He passed away in 1930. He was 77 years old and excelled in calligraphy and painting.