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We pray valuable brushstrokes and we recommend that they be stored in a paulownia box. Our store keeps excellent technology and tradition which is said to be Kyotachi equipment, we keep prices lower than other motto.


We will repair damaged hanging scrolls, foreheads, folding screens and other objects cleanly. The repair method and amount of money will change according to the state. We will propose the most appropriate method, so please contact us first. We will make an estimate.


We produce colored paper from your handwriting, including sales of various souvenirs, arts and crafts, legal supplies, essentials of the banquet, etc. We do a wide range of original wrapping cloth, goodwill, defense, general wadding production etc.


The beauty of the ink overflowing from an indifferent point of accumulation of long-time practice does not strike the heart of the viewer. You will leave the technique there, cross over skill and spread your own world that has left the form.
Our ink songs recorded on this homepage have been carefully selected by our shop and posted. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. If you like something I like, I’m waiting for your order.

自休菴 店主

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