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We call the calligraphies and paintings especially created by Zen monks Bokuseki and Zenga.  We have been specializing in Zen calligraphy (Bokuseki) and Zen Painting (Zenga) for over four decades, from the 15th century to the present. We carry works from Zen masters of all Zen sects (Rinzai, Soto and Obaku).


We provide the very best professional conservation of hanging scrolls, folding screen, and other formats at reasonable prices using traditional Japanese techniques and appropriate methods.


We can offer you a various Zen related items.

These include craft products such as prints, stationery, curtains (Noren), wrapping cloths, lacquer trays, and tea bowls among other items, all with Zen themes.

We also have necessities for Zen Centers such as clappers, Jihatsu / Oryoki bowls, chopsticks, JIhatsu warpping cloth, Inkin bells, lacquer trays and tables among other items.

To Express Own Internal Buddha Nature

Zen master didn’t seek Buddha nature outside themselves, but rather directly express the own internal Buddha nature onto the paper or silk by the Sumi ink.

Zen calligraphies and paintings are “ anti- art ”, those are not consciously created to be beautiful or decorative. It does’t rely on techniques. The true necessary skill in Zen calligraphy and paintings is fully express their thoughts and intended images onto a paper or silk. The skill which was acquired by long term training produced distinctive atmosphere, bold, exquisite, vigorous. That honed sense is attaining a higher dimension unlike standard painting skills.

Zen calligraphy and painting significantly alter your mind and the indoor atmosphere also clearing.  It grabs everyone attention certainly.

Jikyu-an Zen Art