Seki Seisetsu “Juniper tree “

ID 00316

Seki Seisetsu


Zen Rinzai. Tokko-In at Kobe. Jisai-In in Tenryu-Ji. The 7th chief abbot of Tenryu-Ji.


The Juniper tree in the front garden is not the Grand Master’s true intention.


Paulownia box with certificated by himself.



Paper Dimension 32*55

Whole Dimension 125*58


Sumi ink on paper and tea ceremony-style silk mounting are very fine.


Price 70,000JPY

Seiga Shitsu. He was also known as Seiga and Gao in his later years. In 1893, he entered Tenryuji monastery and began to train under Gazan. After Gazan passed away, he continued studying under Ryoen who transmitted the Gazn’s dharma for a while and finally, he succeeded the dharma from Ryoen. After serving as abbot of Tokkoin Temple in Kobe and Jisaiin Temple in Tenryuji, he was appointed as the chief abbot of the Tenryuji in 1922. During his 20-year tenure, he often devoted himself to the reconstruction of the Tenryu-ji. During World War II, despite his old age, he devoted himself to comforting the warriors in the war zone. In 1945, he passed away while on tenure. He died at the age of 69. He was a man of great talent in poetry, calligraphy, and painting.