Ranzan Syoryu “There are no two suns in the universe”

ID 00267

Rnazan Syoryu


Zen Rinzai. Kaizen-ji, Oita.


宇宙無双日 ( 乾坤只一人 ) The first passage of the couplet.

There are no two suns in the universe. ( In Heaven and Earth, There is only one person ). Razan.


Paper Dimension 96*27

Whole Dimension 168*29.5


Sumi ink on paper is very fine. Re-mounting. 



Price 90,000JPY

Honorific name Sekisui. His posthumous name is Zen Master Enki Myo’o Zenji. He studied under Gessen and Daido Bunga, then moved under Kogetsu Zenzai at the order of Daido Bunga. He continued training under Suigan and Setsudo as a Kogetsu’s disciples and succeeded to the transmitted Dharma of Kogetsu. Later, he resided at Kaizenji Temple in Oita. At the age of 80, he was invited to give a sermon at Ryoan-ji Temple but died during that meeting.