Kogan Gengei ” Hanshan and Shi De”

ID 00234

Kogan Gengei


Zen Rinzai. Kogen-ji at Tanba.


 Hanshan and Shi De.

48,000 poetic verses of scripture in Tiantai. 300 books of Psalms bloomed.

天台四萬八千頌 三百詩篇一首春


Paper Dimension 118*28.2cm

Whole Dimension 190*40cm


Sumi ink on paper. Original paper mounting.

Paulownia box.

Price 80,000JPY

Honorific name Koshin An. At the age of 9, he was ordained by Dai Zui of Kanko-ji Temple in Niigata. After attending the various zen master, he decided to study under Hakuin Ekaku, but due to Hakuin’s advanced age, he studied under Suio who succeeded Dharam of Hakuin. Then studied under Gessen at Toukian, and then Soukai Gi’un at Ryokoku-ji in Akashi. Finally, He succeeded the Dharma from Sokai Gi’un. He was invited to take over the position of Shinjyo at Kogen-ji Temple in Tanba and became the head priest of the Kogen-ji Temple. Thereafter, he remained at the Kogen-ji temple for about 30 years, striving for the revival of the temple and teaching enlightenment. Many people became his believer.