Motsugai Fusen ” Procession of dancing skeleton”

ID 00288

Motsugai Fusen


Zen Soto. Saiho-ji, Hiroshima. He was called  ” Iron fist “.


Procession of the dancing skeleton.

Text; Innocent people are dancing in step.



Paper Dimension 125*27

Whole Dimension 195*39.5

Pawlownia box.


Price 120,000JPY

Deibutsu An. He served as the abbot of Saiho-ji Temple in Onomichi, Hiroshima. He was also known as “Genkotsu Osho (monk with an iron fist )” because of his many anecdotes, including a fight with Isamu Kondo of the Shinsengumi ( commander of the Edo Shogunate Guard ) during his travels around Japan. As the founder of Fusenryu jyujyutsu ( classical Japanese martial art ), he taught many students. He was also involved in the movement for the exclusion of foreigners, including petitioning Emperor Komei to stop the conquest of the Chōshū Rebellion.

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