Bokujyu Sojyu” Outside of mind…”

ID 00322

Bokujyu Sojyu


Zen Rinzai. The chief abbot of the Daitoku-Ji. The Zen master of Nasyu-Ji monastery in Saki, Osaka.


Outside of the mind, there is no Dharma. The eyes are filled with blue mountains.

Daitoku Bokujyu.



Paper Dimension 108*30

Whole Dimension 188*32.5

Sumi ink on paper and tea ceremony-style silk mounting are very fine.



Price 60,000JPY

He studied under Gisan Zenrai at Sogen-Ji, Okayama, for over ten years and transmitted the Dharma of Gizan Zenrai. After, he returned to Ryokoku-ji and revived it. In 1876, he moved to Nanshu-ji monastery and instructed numerous monks by order of Gisan. In 1876, he became the head priest of the Daitoku-Ji section.

He hoped for the prosperity of Rikyu’s tea ceremony and founded the Rikyu Tea Ceremony Association. When he went on the pilgrimage to the countryside, he always performed the tea ceremony.

This performance which offered tea to the ancestors of the Buddha, contributed greatly to the development of tea culture. He advocated that Zen and Tea share the same ultimate state of being.