Kanrei JIkun ” The ordinary mind is the way “

ID 10426

Kanrei Jikun


Zen Rinzai. Kosyo-Ji at horikawa Kyoto. Dharma transmission from Hakuin Ekaku.


The ordinary mind is the way. 77 years old man, kuuge.


Paper Dimension 27.3 * 100

Whole Dimension 35.4 * 180.5

Vertical normal style silk mounting. Sumi ink on paper , fine. Mounting good. 

Paulownia box.


Price 240,000 JPY


Pen name; Kuuge Shitsu. He studied Zen under Hakuin Ekaku for more than 20 years. He became the abbot of Kosho-ji and trained an Zen monks more than 20 years. Kosho-ji was destroyed in the Great Fire of the Tenmei era, 1788. He rebuilt the temple. He transmitted the Hakuin’s Zen teaching longest as the Hakuin’s studens.

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