Gankyoku Kankei ” Kyou Ge Betsu Den “

ID 00279

Gankyoku Kankei


Zen Soto. Seiryo-ji, Shiga prefecture. Shinpo-ji, Nagoya.


教外須知有別傳  頑老僧

Be well known that enlightenment is not can be transmitted in words or letters, but directly from mind to mind. Gan old man.



Paper Dimension  37*97

Whole Dimension 126*60.5


Sumi ink on Paper is original and fine. Re-mounting for Tea ceremony style silk mounting.

Paulownia box.


Price 100,000JPY

He studied under Toku’o Ryo’ko and succeeded Dharma from Mokushi Soen. He settled in Seiryo-ji, Shiga. He founded Shinpo-ji, Nagoya. He was a famous Soto Zen priest who was praised alongside Hakuin of the Rinzai.

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