Ashikaga Shizan “Treasure ship”

ID No:77020

Inzan Ien (1859-1959) / Zen Rinzai


“Treasure ship”


Craft printed on a square paper board

Wrapping paper・Description

Dimension cm: 27.2✕24.2


Price: 700JPY


Pen name: Mui-shitsu, Kan’un-shitsu in his The later years. Dharma transmission from Dokuon Ogino. He also practiced Zen under Tairyu Bun’I in Shogen-ji. He became the abbot of Manju-ji in 1895 and established the monastery. He was invited to be the chief abbot of the Hoko-ji branch in 1927. He retired from Hoko-ji in 1946 but was selected again in 1951 and remained there up to his death. His calligraphy was considered to be some of the greatest of all time. He lived to be 101 years old.