Kozuki Tesshu “bamboo”

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(Kozuki)Tesshu Chisei (1879-1937) / Zen Rinzai




Craft printed on a square paper board

Wrapping paper・Description

Dimension cm: 27.2✕24.2


Price: 700JPY


Pen name: Reichiku-ken, Seichiku-ken. Dharma transmission from Sohan Genpo. He started to practice Zen under Horin Ginan in 1898. He became the president of Rinzai-shu College in 1923. He was selected to be the chief abbot of the Myoshin-ji branch at the exceptionally young age of 50. He built a house of Zazen for foreigners. He was a progressive-minded Zen master. It was a great loss when he was killed in a traffic accident at the age of 59.