Hougaku Jikou ” You don’t needs… “

ID 00310

Hougaku Jikou


Zen Rinzai. The chief abbot of the Engaku-Ji section and the Zen master of there monastery. Erin-Ji at Yamanashi.


安禅不必須山水 滅却心頭火自涼 慧林寶嶽

You don’t need mountains, rivers, or other quiet environments to do zazen.
If you discard mind and body, even fire feels cool.



Paper Dimension 133*33

Whole Dimension 183*44.5

Sumi ink on paper and normal-style silk mounting is fine.


Price 70,000JPY

Seigo-ken. He studied under Syaku Soen, Engaku-Ji Kamakura, and transmitted his Dharma. He has served as the abbot of Jizoin Temple, Koutokuji Temple, and Eirinji Temple. In 1940, he became a chief abbot of the Engaku-Ji section.