Short Curtain” Han-shan and Shih-te ”

ID No:160071

Shunso Joshu(1751-1839) / Zen Rinzai


“Painting of Han-shan and Shih-te”

My mind is like the harvest moon, a deep jade-green clear pools, There is nothing to compare my exalted state to other things.


Hemp / Dimension cm: 90 ✕120 


Price 15,000 JPY     Paper box


Pen name: Ryoen-shitsu, Ryuzan-shitsu, Unsho-so. Dharma transmission from Suio Genro who was Dharma heir to Hakuin Zenji. Also practiced Zen under Ranzan in the Kogetsu school and under Tengei, Daikyu and Reigen in the Hakuin school. He was skilled at Zen painting.