Yamamoto Genpo Short Curtain

ID No: 160025

Yamamoto Genpo (1866-1961) / Zen Rinzai


” Painting of a bag of Patience,  families prosperity, painted by Genpo “


cotton 100% / Dye: Mustard,white,red

Dimension cm: 90×146


Price: 6,000JPY 



Pen name: Han’nya-kutsu. Dharma transmission from Genpo Sohan, Enpuku-ji. He had trouble with his eyes in his youth and so made a pilgrimage round the 88 Buddhist temples in Shikoku 7 times. On the way, he was saved by Taigen in Sekkei-ji and was ordained as a Rinzai Zen monk at the age of 25. He became the abbot of Ryutaku-ji in 1916. He made an effort to reconstruct Shoju-an Iiyama, Shoin-ji Hara and Zuisen-ji monastery. He founded Ryutaku-ji monastery in 1941and was selected to become the chief abbot of Myoshin-ji in 1947. He retired and handed over to Soen Nakagawa in 1951.