Mini folding screen “Procession of begging Monks”

ID No:100010

Nantenbo(1839-1925)/Zen Rinzai


“Procession of begging monks, Coming and going” 


Dimension cm: 37✕32

Printed paper pasted on Gold paper board   

Black frame


Price 2,200 JPY      Gift boxed


Pen name: Byakugai-kutsu. Dharma transmission from Razan Genma. He also he practiced Zen under 24 masters in the both of the Inzan and the Takuju school from age of 18 to 30. He became the abbot of Daijo-ji in Tokuyama in 1870. There is a famous story of him making challenges at many monasteries with his Nanten (sacred bamboo) staff. So he was called “Nanten-bo” as his nickname. He founded Tokyo Senbutu-jo monastery sponsored by Tesshu Yamaoka in 1886. He moved to Zuigan-ji in 1892 and was invited to Kaisei-ji in 1903. He was in high spirits to raise Zen and leaded 33 Zen centers all over Japan for 22 years till his passing away.