Ashi Kyodo ” Jizo and Enma”

ID No: 12274

Name; Ashi Kyodo

Birth and Death: 1808-1895

Sect: Zen. Rinzai

Temple: The Myoshin-ji branch, The 544th abbot. The Tofuku-ji branch, The 290th abbot.

Text: Painting of the Meiji period civilization.
A Jizo ( a leading people officer of the heaven ) and an Enma ( a judge of the hell ) are playing music together using a flute and a lute.
Both Heaven and the Hell is a day off. To enjoy the music regardless of the devil and the saints. They have really enjoy the time. The new wave of civilization comes over the heaven and the hell like the ground world. Hanazono, giving purple, Kyodo writing.



Style: Horizontal silk mounting

Condition: Paper fine, mounting good

Paper dimension; 30.9 x 57.8

Whole dimension; 122 x 69.7

Box: Paulownia

Price: 100,000JPY

Pen name: Yoshin-ken. Dharma transmission from Kaizan Sokaku. He couldn’t answer the Zen question from the layman Mr. Chiba. So he roused himself to Practiced Zen again. Over a period of 14 years, he walked 32㎞ everyday to visit Zen master Kaizan in Enpuku-ji, Yawata from Osaka.

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