Muin Douhi “Peace of mind “

ID No: 9682

Name: Muin Douhi

Sect; Zen.Soto

Birth and Death: 1688-1757


Temple: Dainei-ji, Yamaguchi. Kousyuu-ji, Enkou-ji, Shimane. Jissyou-in, Ishikawa.


Text: Peace of mind is the best medicine. There’s no others. Toro Muin old man. ( Toro is a honorific name of the Dainei-ji temple )


Style: Vertical normal style silk mounting.

Condition: Paper little bit rough, Mounting is remaining in original.

Whole dimansion: 152*40  

Paper dimansion: 99*28.5

Box; Paulpwnia


price: ¥380,000


Pen name: Zakke-do. Dharma transmission from Mutoku Ryogo. He was renowned as a Zen master of great learning and had a talent for Chinese poetry. He became the abbot of Koshu-ji in 1713 and moved to Dainei-ji in Yamaguchi and Jissho-in in Ishikawa. His Dharma heir was Ranryo Esshu.