Genrou Oryo “At one gulp…”

ID No: 8900

Name: Genrou Oryo

Set; Zen. Soto

Birth and death: 1720-1813


Temple: The 22nd abbot of Kosyo-ji, Kyoto. Toyo-ken, Rogen-rou, Osaka.



Text: At one gulp, dry up west river. 91 years old man, Gen-ro.



Style: Horizontal silk mounting

Condition; Paper, Mounting Fine. 

Whole dimension: 115.5 * 53.2    Paper dimension: 30.5 * 51

Box; Paulownia


Price: 280,000JPY


Pen name: Renzokai, Shakarashi,Ichikeiso, Roko-rojin. Dharma transmission from Zozan Monko. He published many books of Zen. His other name was “Ookami(Wolf) Genro”, meaning very strict in practise. The master of Fugai Honko is one of his disciples, lived in Koshaku-ji.