Erin Syoki “Bodhidharma”

ID No: 11849

Name: Erin Syoki

Birth and Death: 1609-1681

Section: Obaku

Temple; The Obaku sect. The 3rd chief abbot of Obaku-shu Manpuku-ji. The founder of Shikirozan Daishu-ji.

Text: Bodhidharma, painted with respectfuly by Erin.

Style: Vertical silk mounting. Normal style.

Condition: A little rough on the paper, Mounting Good.

Whole Dimension: 195*40.5

Paper Dimension: 121*25.7

Box: Paulownia

Price: 160,000JPY

Pen name: The Buddha name was Dokuchi initially. He became a priest at his age 41. He came to Japan attended to Ingen Ryuki in 1654 and received Dharma transmission from him in 1661. He was invited to be the founder of Daishu-ji in 1678. He was recommended to be the 3rd chief abbot of Obaku by Mokuan in 1680. He retired the chief abbot and stayed Ryukou-in in the next year.