Unshu Joki ” A spring…”

ID No: 10772

Name: Unshu Joki

Birth and Death: 1703-1780


Section: Zen. Obaku

Temple:  Zuisyo-ji

Text: It’s like a spring overflowing various good fortune.  Zuisyo 70 years old man, so-un.


Style: Vertical silk mounting. Normal style.

Condition: Paper fine. Mounting good.

Whole dimension: 183.6*39.2   Paper dimension: 120.3*28.3

Box: Paulownia


Price: ¥100,000


Pen name: Dharma transmission from Kakuho Genrei. He made an effort to help Chainese priest Hakujun Shoko to take over the head abbot of Manpuku-ji after 19th head abbot Sengan Genko. He was charged the general secretary of Obaku sect. He was selected to be the abbot of Zuisho-ji in Edoin 1770.