Tengen Chiben “Endurance”

ID No: 12198

Name: Tengen Chiben

Birth and Death: 1737-1805


Section: Zen. Rinzai

Temple: The Myoshin-ji branch. Onsen-ji in Nagano. Refounder of Enzan Kogaku-ji in Yamanashi. Zen master of Nanzen-ji monastery.


Text: “Endurance” is no less important than the religious precepts and asceticism. Gako.


Style: Vertical paper mounting. Normal style.

Condition: Paper faded ,Mounting slightly rough.

Whole dimension: 164*48.7  Paper dimension: 93*40.2

Box: Paulownia


Price: ¥100,000


Pen name: Kyuko-shitsu. He also called himself Gako from the Suwako lake he lived close to. Dharma transmission from Daikyu Ebo who was the Dharma heir of Hakuin. He was the abbot of Onsen-ji in Suwa, Nagano for 27 years. He was asked to be Zen master of Nanzen-ji monastery for a while in 1801. He retired to Enzan Kogaku-ji in 1804 and made an effort to refound. The master of Gan’nou Zentei. Zen master with a talent for calligraphy and painting.