Taiho Syokon “Bamboo”

ID No: 12115

Name: Taiho Syokon

Birth and Death: 1691-1774


Section: Obaku.


Temple; The Obaku sect. The 15th and 18th abbot of Manpuku-ji, Obaku. The 7th abbot of Fukusai-ji in Nagasaki. The founder of Kaigen-ji.


Text: Painting Bamboo in the snow, Painted by China Taiho.


Style: Vertical silk mounting. Normal style.

Condition: Sumi on silk fine. Mounting good.

Whole Dimension: 180*44

Paper Dimension: 106*32

Box: Paulownia.


Price: 150,000JPY


Pen name: Sho-ou. Dharma transmission from Zengan Kosho. He came to Japan in 1722. He retired as 15th abbot, but was re-selected as 18th again. Zen master with a talent for calligraphy and painting. Especially his pantings of ‘Bamboo’ are admired in the world.