Syunsou Jyosyu ” Hanshan and Shi De “

ID No: 12213

Name: Syunsou Jyosyu

Birth and Death: 1751-1839


Sect: Zen. Rinzai

Temple: The 470th chief abbot of Myoshin-ji. Enpuku-ji, Yawata at Kyoto. Jikou-ji, Tokushima.


Text: Painting Hanshan and Shi De. My mind is like the autumn moon In a jade-green pool — clear, bright and pure. Nothing can compare to another things —I don’t know how to tell that.


Style: Vertical paper mounting. Normal style.

Condition: Paper slightly rough. Mounting good.

Whole dimension: 163.3*32.4  Paper dimension: 81.4*26  

Box:  Paulownia


Price: 160,000JPY


Honorific name: Daikankosho Zenji. Pen name: Ryoen-shitsu, Ryuzan-shitsu, Unsho-so. Dharma transmission from Suio Genro who was Dharma heir to Hakuin Zenji. Also practiced Zen under Ranzan in the Kogetsu school and under Tengei, Daikyu and Reigen in the Hakuin school. He was skilled at Zen painting.