Syaku Soen ” Bodhidharma”

ID No: 12312

Name; Syaku Soen

Birth and Death: 1859-1919


Sect: Zen. Rinzai

Temple: The Enkaku-ji branch. The 207th abbot, the ex-chief abbot of the Enkaku-ji sect. Zen master of Enkaku-ji monastery.


Text: Painting of Bodhidharma. Don’t be deluded from the outside. Don’t rush to seek anything inside your mind. Keep your mind like a towering montain. You should enter the Tao with the mind.


Style: Vertical silk mounting

Condition: Silk fine, mounting good

Box: Paulownia


Price 100,000JPY


Pen name: Ryoga-kutsu, Shoshishi, Fukao-shi, Sessan-doji. Dharma transmission from Kosen So’on. He was ordained as a Rinzai Zen monk by Ekkei Shuken in Myoshin-ji monastery and also practiced Zen under Gisan Zenrai. He went to Ceylon to study Buddhism in 1887. He became the chief abbot and the Zen master of Enkaku-ji in1892. He attended The World Religion Conference in Chicago USA in 1893. He was well known as the master of D.T. Suzuki and created the foundation for the introduction of Zen abroad.