Setsudo Genkei A high wave

ID No: 12201

Name: Setsudo Genkei

Birth and Death: ? -1766


Section: Zen. Rinzai

Temple; The Myoshin-ji branch. The 44th abbot of Daiko-ji, Hyuga Miyazaki.



Text:  A carp is overcoming all obstacles to swim upstream. A carp becomes a Dragon when if they will be able to reach to the top of the upstream.   


Style: Normal style, Paper mounting.

Condition: Paper and Mounting good. 

Whole Dimension: 108.5*54

Paper Dimension: 30*46

Box: Pulownia


Price: 100,000JPY


Pen name: Yubai. Dharma transmission from Suigan Jushin who was the Dharma heir of Kogetsu Zenzai, Daikou-ji.