Sengan Gensu A beautiful Chinese phoenix …

ID No: 12061

Name: Sengan Gensu

Birth and Death: 1684-1763

Section: Obaku.


Temple; The Obaku sect. The 19th chief abbot of Manpuku-ji, Obaku. The 19th of Dainenn-ji in Sendai. Zuisho-ji in Tokyo.


Text: A beautiful Chinese phoenix is flying in the red glow of the morning sky. Obaku 80 years old, Sengan.


Style: Vertical silk mounting. Normal style.

Condition: paper little bit faded, mounting good

Whole Dimension: 191.5*35.5

Paper Dimension: 123*26.3

Box: Paulownia.


Price: 100,000JPY


Pen name: He parctices Zen under Bairei and received Dharma trnsmission in 1707. He was invited to be an abbot of Dainen-ji in Sendai in 1743. He was recommended to be the 19th head abbot of Obaku in 1763. He died in Edo before to hold a ceremony becoming the formal head abbot of Obaku.