Seisetsu Syucho “Having nothing…”

ID No: 12124

Name: Seisetsu Syucho

Birth and Death: 1746-1820


Section: Zen. Rinzai

Temple: The 189th abbot of Enagku-ji. Syokoku-ji, Kamakura.

Text: Having nothing is truly great.  Seisetsu.


Style: Vertical silk mounting. Tea ceremony style.

Condition: Paper fine. Mounting good.

Whole dimension:188*30  Paper dimension:101*27.5

Box: Paulownia


Price:  ¥550,000


Honorific name: Daiyu-Kokushi. Pen name: Fuko-an, Muyu-do’ni’n. Dharma transmission from Gessen Zen’ne and also practiced Zen under Togaku, Ryuzan and Daikyu. He belonged to the Kogetsu school. He was the Zen master of Enkaku-ji monastery for 28 years and retired to Gyokusen-ji in 1808. He was invited to be the Zen master of Shokoku-ji monastery in 1819. He passed away just after the opening ceremony. Zen master with a talent for calligraphy, painting, Chinese poetry and tea ceremony. He was on friendly terms with highly educated men.