Ryoga Gigan “Painting a Staff “

ID No: 10810

Name: Ryoga Gigan

Birth and Death: 1785-1849


Section: Zen. Rinzai

Temple: Genyo-ji, Kagawa.


Text: Painting Staff, This is. Former abbot of Myoshin, kan-Ryoga.


Style: Vertical paper mounting. Normal style.

Condition: Paper faded. Mounting slightly rough.

Whole dimension: 177*37   

Paper dimension: 120*27.2

Box: Paulownia



Price: ¥90,000



Pen name: Saika. Dharma transmission from Inzan I’en. He entered Genyo-ji in 1814. He took the initiative of the Inzan School. His character was an openhearted man, and didn’t stick to details.