Ryochu Nyoryu “Painting Bodh Dharma”

ID No: 11637

Name: Ryochu Nyoryu
Birth and Death: 1793-1868

Section: Zen. Obaku

Temple: The 33rd abbot of Manpuku-ji / Kenko-ji Tottori / Syoraku-ji , Keizui-ji Osaka.


Text: Painting BodhiDharma, He sometimes preached truth and at other time not. There is no longer truth in there. Look out for suspicious and mysterious old man. syo-jyu.


Style: Vertical silk mounting. Tea ceremony style.


Condition: Paper rough slightly. Repaired. Mounting good. Repaired too.


Whole dimension: 177*33   Paper dimension:  101*30

Box: Paulownia


Price: ¥140,000


Pen name: Shoju. Dharma transmission from Takuju Kosen. Also practiced Zen under Raiho Engo in Obaku, Myoho Genjitsu, Shunso Joshu, Takuju Kosen and Shun’no Zen’etsu in Rinzai. He became a chief abbot of Obaku in 1851.