Oda Sesso” Fragrant winds “

ID No: 11485

Name: Oda Sesso

Birth and Death: 1900-1966


Section: Zen. Rinzai

Temple: 506th chief abbot of Daitoku-ji,  Daisyu-in, Myoshin-ji.


Text: Fragrant winds, Murasakino sesso.


Style: Holizontal silk mounting. Tea ceremony style.

Condition: Paper fine. Mounting good.

Whole dimension: 119*68  

Paper dimension: 30*65.6

Box: Paulownia


Price: 160,000JPY


Pen name: Zoki-shitsu. Dharma transmission from Goto Zuigan. He was invited to be the abbot of Daishu-in which is the sub-temple of Myoshin-ji in 1943 and was recommended tobe the head abbot of Daitoku-ji in1955. He was fond of calligraphy and made efforts to the rise of Tea ceremony.