Mihou Enki “Bamboo (all in sumi ink) “

ID No: 11719

Name: Mihou Enki

Birth and Death: 1730-1817


Section: Zen. Obaku

Temple: Kaigen-ji. Fukusai-ji, Nagasaki.

Text: Bamboo (all in sumi ink)


Style: Vertical paper mounting. Normal style.

Condition: Sumi on Silk with slightly stain. Mounting good.

Whole dimension: 192*39   Paper dimension: 123*26.5

Box: Paulownia


Price: ¥80,000


Pen name: Raiho, Bokuchi, Sanyo-sanjin. Dharma transmission from Taiho Shokon. He had been attending Taiho who was recommended to be the 15th head abbod of Manpuku-ji and retired to Hojyu-an. He also attended Tahoho who became to the 18th head abbot of Manpuku-ji. He became the 13th abbot of Fukusai-ji in his age of 57. He studied paintings under his master Taiho. His bamboo paintings were very famous and reputation is very high.