Fugai Honko “Landscape”

ID No: 10642

Name: Fugai Honko

Birth and Death: 1779-1847


Sect: Soto

Temple: Tokurin-ji, Shimane. Entu-in, Osaka. Kousyaku-ji, Kousyaku-ji, Asuke at Aichi.


Text: Landscape, Fagai. There is certificate.


Style: Vertical silk mounting. Tea ceremony style.

Condition: Paper Fine. Mounting Good.

Whole dimension: 175.5*41.5  Paper dimension: 102.5*30.3

Box: Ceder


Price: 220,000JPY


Pen name: kouyu. Dharma transmission from Genro Ouryo. Zen master with a talent for painting who established a strong reputation. He brought up many students who took an important part of Soto Zen Buddhism in Meiji era.


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