Dokusho Shoen 5th patriarch

ID No: 10291

Name: Dokusho Shoen


Birth and Death: 1617-1694

Section: Obaku

Temple; The Obaku sect. The founder of Jikishi-an in Saga Kyoto.


Text: 5th Patriarch “Goso Gunin Daishi ( Hong-ren )”


Style: Vertical paper mounting.    Tea ceremony style.

Condition: Paper: A little rough, but restored.    Mounting: Fairly good. Second mounting.


Whole Dimension: 206*38.2

Paper Dimension: 130*35.2

Box: Paulownia


Price: 150,000JPY


Pen name: Dharma transmission from Ingen Ryuki. Practiced under Takuan and Isshi in Rinzai. He was respected by many people and well-known as “The Old Buddha in Saga”.

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