Daikan Monjyu”

ID No: 11607

Name: Daikan Monjyu

Birth and Death: 1766-1842 


Section: Zen. Rinzai 

Temple: The Nanzen-ji branch. Zen master of Nanzen-ji monastery. Hojo-ji, Gyokuzou-in, Kyoto.

Text: “Endurance” is no less important than the religious precepts and asceticism. Old man Tnasetsu.


Style: Vertical silk mounting. Tea ceremony style.

Condition: Paper fine. Mounting good.

Whole dimension: 186*30.5   Paper dimension: 96.8*27

Box: Paulownia


Price: ¥90,000

Pen name: Tansetsu-ken, Abi-kutsu. He received Dharma transmission from Torei En’ni at his age 28. He became the abbot of Hojo-ji in Kyoto at his age 32. At his age 55, he moved to Nanzen-ji to found of Nanzen-ji monastery. He retired to Gyokuzo-in in Kyoto.