Yamada Mumon ” Longevity “

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Yamada Mumon


Zen Rinzai. The 639th chief abbot of Myoshin-ji. Zen master of Syofuku-ji monastery in Kobe. The president of Hanazono University.




Paper Dimension 137*68.5

Whole Dimension 200*74.5

Sumi ink on paper, fine. Normal style silk mounting is good. 

Stored in Paulownia box.

Price 100,000円

Pen name Tusentou, Gaga sanjin. He was born in Aichi prefecture. He got started monk’s life under the Kawaguchi Ekai. In 1929, He entered Tenryu-ji monastery in Kyoto and studied under the zen master of Seki Seisetsu. Then he was transmitted Dharma from Seki Seisetsu. In 1953, he became a master of Syofuku-ji monastery. In 1964, he established Zen Culture Institution and became the first head chief there. He died at 88 years old. He is called a master monk of learning and virtue.

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