Yamada Mumon ” Enso ”

ID 12402

(Yamada)Tashitsu Mumon


The Myoshin-ji branch. The 639th abbot of Myoshin-ji, and chief abbot of the Myoshin-ji branch. The late Zen master of Shofuku-ji monastery, Kobe. The late president of Hanazono University.


Enso , Heart Sutra. ( 不生不滅不垢不浄不増不減 )


Paper Dimension 132*33

Whole Dimension 200*47

Normal style silk mounting. Sumi ink on paper, fine. Mounting, good.

Paulownia box


Price 80,000JPY


Pen name: Tsusen-to, Gaga-sanjin. Dharma transmission from (Seki) Seisetsu Genjo. He also practiced Buddhism under Ekai Kawaguchi who was the first Japanese to enter Tibet in 1900. He entered the Tenryu-ji monastery in 1929 and practiced Zen under Seisetsu Genjo for many years. He became the abbot of Reiun-in which is one of the 4 main sub-temples of Myoshin-ji in 1949. After then he became the president of Hanazono College and established the Institute of Zen Culture. He was invited to be the Zen master of Shofuku-ji monastery in Kobe in 1953. He was selected the chief abbot of Myoshin-ji in 1978 for 4 years. He was call one of the Zen masters of great learning and virtue in the contemporary Japan.