Ungo Kiyo “Bodhi originally has no tree.. “

ID 11874

Ungo Kiyo


The 153th Chief abbot of Myoshin-ji.  Zuigan-ji at Matsushima, Miyagi.


Our body ( is like a linden tree which can contain the enlightenment ) originally has no tree. Our nature is like a bright mirror which is originally clear and pure. From the origins nothing exists. Where could any dust on?

Note of authentication; Certified by Seigo-ken ( Seigo  Hogaku ) 


Paper Dimension 102.5 * 39.3

Whole Dimension 186.5 * 51.3

Sumi Ink on Paper is good condition.  Mounting good.

Paulownia Box with note of authentication written.


Price 1,800,000 JPY


Dharma transmission from Icchu Tomoku. He rebuilt Zuiryo-ji in Gifu and Sekiba-ji in Shiga. He reached out to people by the use of the simple poems of Zen preaching. He planned a complete reform of Zen.

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