Suio Genro , painting of an ax.

ID  00085

Suio Genro


Zen Rinzai. The Zen master of Syoin-JI, Shizuoka.

One of the two outstanding disciples of Hakin.


Painting of an Ax. The ax of good qi ( 氣 ) in yourself fell down the wood of bad qi in others.

( The ax has been one of the essential tools of human life since its beginning and has been called “yoki” in Japan since ancient times. Two words are pronounced ‘ Yoki ‘ in Japanese. One is an ax and the other is good. And the ‘ Ki ‘ pronunciation in Japanese also has two meanings just like an ax and good. It’s qi and wood. )


Paper Dimension 29*53.5

Whole Dimension 110*60

Sumi ink on paper, fine. Tea ceremony style silk mounting, Mounting is the original state, fine.

Price 280,000JPY

He was also called Ukishima-o. He was born in Tochigi prefecture. At the age of more than thirty, he had his first audience with Hakuin and studied under him for twenty years. He did not like zazen or chant sutra, and he enjoyed drinking, painting, and playing Go. After Hakuin’s death, he resided at Shoinji Temple as the Dharma transmitted, but if there were people who wished to study under Suio, he always send them to under the Torei. He never said a word, never taught by himself. Seven years after Hakuin’s death, he held a memorial service for him, and since then he has been working hard to introduce Buddhism to the masses. He passed away in the first year of Kansei. He died at the age of 73.