Suio Genro ” Painting of a Daikokuten”

ID 12391

Suio Genro


Zen Rinzai. Dharma transmission from Hakuin.

Syoin-ji at Hara in Shizuoka. The one of the two genius deciples of Hakuin.  


大黒天図 端心正直 勤行陰徳 不貪不奢 是名大黒 浮島翁画賛

Right minded and honesty, secret acts of charity, Neither a poor nor a luxury, it’s named Daikoku. Futo old man painted and inscribed.


Paper Dimension 84*27

Whole Dimension 157.5*29.2

Vertical normal style silk mounting. Sumi ink on paper, little rough and stains, wrinkle was repaired.


Price 220,000JPY


Pen name: Futo-ou. One of the main Dharma heirs of Hakuin Ekaku as was Torei En’ni. From more than 30 years of his age, he practiced Zen under Hakuin for 20 years. He always interviewed Hakuin in the midnight secretly. He was an openhearted man and didn’t stick to details. He didn’t like to Zazen and chant a sutra, on the contrary liked to drink, paint or played GO. Ordinary people couldn’t understand his deep enlightenment. He became the abbot of Shoin-ji after Hakuin’s death. He made it a rule to send practitioners to Torei and never to give a word by himself. He was skilled at Zen painting.