Sozan Genkyo ” Linji plants a pine tree “

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Sozan Genkyo


Zen Rinzai. The 535th chief abbot of the Myoshin-ji. Kensyo-ji in Kumamoto. The zen master of the Enpuku-ji monastery in Kyoto. The founder of the Tokugen-ji monastery at Naggoya.


First, add beauty to the monastery with this ever-green.

Second, As a guide for future generations.

Third, How do you think?

You have already received 30 strikes. Sozan Old man.


One day, Lin-chi was planting a pine tree in the monastery garden, and his master, Huang-po, happened along. “We have good shrubbery around the monastery, why do you add this tree?” he asked. “There are two reasons,” Lin-chi answered, “first, to beautify the monastery with this evergreen and, second, to make a signpost for monks of the next generation.” Lin-chi then tamped the ground three times with his hoe to make the tree more secure.“Your self-assertion does not agree with me,” said Huang-po. Lin-chi ignored his teacher, murmuring, “All done,” and tamped the ground three times as before.“In your generation, our Dharma will prosper greatly.” Huang-po said.

Paper Dimension 122*51.8

Whole Dimension 205*65

Sumi ink on paper is a little bit rough. Normal-style silk mounting is fine.


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Pen name Gao ken, Goga shitsu. He studied under Syuntaku, Gekkei-ji in Kumamoto, Gyokkan Gensyoku in Jikou-ji, tokusima and Takujyu in Soken-ji Nagoya. Eventually, he succeeded Dharma from Takujyu. Since then, he has continued to visit masters in various parts of the country. In 1851, he joined the Kensyo-ji temple as a new resident. He moved to Enpuku-ji in Kyoto and take the position of Zen Master. After his resignation from Enpuku-ji, he settled in Tokugen-ji in Nagoya and founded a new monastery in there. He received the title of Zen Master of Shinki Dokumyo in Keio 1865. He died at 1868.