Shimizu Kosyo ” Iroha Japanese alphabet “

ID 00214

Shimizu Kosyo



Kegon section. The 207th and 208th chief abbot of the Todai-ji.

A colored little girl ” Iroha Japanese Alphabet “

A calligrapher’s autograph on a box ” Todai Yusou Kousyo “

Paper Dimension 115*34.5

Whole Dimension 196*48

Price 120,000JPY

He studied under the Zen master Seki Seisetsu in the Tenryu-ji for 4 years. Yamada Mumon, Seki Bokuou, Katou Ryhou was his fellow disciples. He became the 207th and 208th Betsudo of Todaiji Temple and the chief abbot of the Kegon sect and carried out the Great Buddha Hall Repair. He is known for his calligraphy and ceramics with a unique flavor.