Seki Seisetsu ” Landscape of Spring and Autumn”

ID 12367

Seki Seisetsu


Zen Rinzai. The 240th abbot of Tenryu-Ji. Jisai-In in Tenryu-Ji. Tokkou-In at Nunobiki, Koube.


Paired Coloring Landscape ( Spring and Autumn) 

Spring landscape; Spring birds twittering in the spring mountain, Spring fish jumps up from the spring water.

Autumn landscape; I prefer to live amid the white clouds and red autumn leaves, and enjoying the great peace with you. Ga-ou.

*Paulownia box with self certification.


Paper Dimension 131.5*32.5

Whole Dimension 207*45.5

Pair normal silk mounting. Sumi ink on paper fine. Mounting good.

Pair boxed paulownia box.


Price 140,000JPY


Pen name: Ga-ou, Seiga-shitu, Garoku and Uso. Dharma transmission from Ryoen Genseki. Zen master with a talent for calligraphy, painting and Chinese poetry. He raised many outstanding disciples, Bokuou Seki Roshi, Mumon Yamada Roshi, Ryuho Kato Roshi, Sogen Oomori Roshi and Hoju Nagata Roshi.

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