Sawaki Kodo Japanese Poem

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Sawaki Kodo


Zen Soto. The prof of Komazawa University.


I ask you ” Who is the master of all things? ” it exists in a person who knows what is enough.Kodo copied respectfully. ( from Jiun Sonjya)


Paper Dimension 136*33

Whole Dimension 200*44

Sumi ink on paper. Normal style silk mounting. The condition is good.  


Price 132,000JPY

He was born in Mie prefecture. His mother died when he was 4 years old and his father died 3 years later. He was then adopted by an aunt whose husband soon died. When he was 16, he ran away from home to become a monk at Eihei-ji, one of the two head temples of the Sōtō Zen sect, and later traveled to Soshin-ji where he was ordained in 1899 by Koho Sawada. He became a chief abbot of Daiji-ji monastery in Kumamoto prefecture and instructs Zazen. After then he energetically traveled around the country to instruct. From the act of it, he was called a moving monastery. His regular travels throughout Japan to teach zen, and against tradition his not becoming a conventional abbot of a home temple, he came to be known as “Homeless Kodo”(“homeless” in the Japanese referring more to his lack of a temple than a residence). Sawaki died on December 21, 1965, at Antaiji.