Ryosai Genmyo ” Wooden staff and fly-swish”

Ryosai Genmyo


Zen Rinzai. The chief abbot of the Kagaku-ji and Soutoku-ji in Aichi.


Painting of staff and fly-swish. ( Inscription Ryosai, painted by Ito Toho)

The attribute of a Mazu Daoyi (馬祖道一)and Bajiao Huiqing(芭蕉慧清).


A dragon gets water by Mazu’s side. A tiger roars and raises the wind inside the Bajiao’s hand.

In a world that transcends giving and taking. There is nothing to say and we can’t compare their high state.

fly-swish = Mazu teaching

Linji Yixuan (臨濟義玄) is inherited Mazu teaching. ” A monk asks Linji, What is the core of Buddhism? Linji stands up his fly-swish.A monk gave a roar and Linji hit him. ”  It seems to Mazu teachings to be represented by a fly-swish.

Staff = Bajiao Huiqing(芭蕉慧清) ;


Zen master Huiqing settled in Mt.Bajiao. He was born in ancient Korea. He raised his staff and asked the monks, ” If you have a staff, I give you one more, if you don’t, I steal more.”


Paper Dimension 140*29

Whole Dimension 197*35

Sumi ink on paper, fine. Tea ceremony style paper mounting is an original, fine.

Price 120,000JPY

He was born in Aichi prefecture. He was ordained by Tairyu who is a chief abbot of Soken-ji. He studied first under Kogetsu Zenzai and then Hakuin, eventually, he inherited Dharma from Hakuin. He settled in Kagaku-ji at Mikawa in Aichi and greatly enliven Hakuin Zen. He visited Kogetsu again in his later. His reputation for Zen was well deserved. He was invited to instruct Zen around Japan over 30 times.  He had founded 3 temples. He died at 81. He was clear-headed so Hakuin called him “Manjushri Bodhisattva reincarnated”, and excelled in poetry and writing.


Ito Toho(1728-1788)

Painter of the mid-Edo period. His real name was Masamitsu, and he was a retainer of the Owari-Nagoya clan. His painting style resembles the Kano stream, and he also excelled in Japanese poetry. He had many interactions with celebrities.

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