Ozeki Honko ” Bodhidharma “

ID 11550

Ozeki Honko


Zen Rinzai. The 296th chief abbot of Tofuku-Ji section. Rinzai-ji in Taiwan. Jikou-In ,Nara.


Painting of a Bodhidharma ( painted by unknown painter ), Blue mountain and green river are same as ever. Bright moon and clear wind stay together same as always. Gyo-ou inscribed respectfully. 


Paper Dimension 135*33.5

Whole Dimension 205*48

Vertical normal style silk mounting. Sumi ink on paper fine. Mounting good.

Paulownia box


Price 50,000JPY


Pen name: Horin-ken, Muka-shitsu. Dharma transmission from Kyuho Issei in Tofuku-ji. He also practiced Zen under Gasan Shotei in Tenryu-ji. He was selected to be the chief abbot of the Tofuku-ji sect in 1924. He made an effort to rebuild the main hall of Tofuku-ji which was a national treasure and was burned in 1881.

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