Ninsen Nyoe “Sumi ink Plum tree”

ID 12376

Ninsen Nyoe


Zen Rinzai. Dharma transmission from Hakuin.

 The 26th abbot of Zuisyo-ji, Tokyo. Fudo-ji, Yokkaichi in Mie. 


Ninsen Nyoe “Sumi ink Plum tree”


Paper Dimension 127*53

Whole Dimension 197*65

Vertical normal style silk mounting. Sumi ink on paper, little rough ,but restored. Mounting good. Remounting.


Price 90,000JPY

Pen name: Chikurin-Donin. His name was Jisen in the beginning, the later Ninsen in his priest name. His paintings, especially landscape and plum tree has established a strong reputation. He made friends with Myoan Fusai, Monchu Jofuku in Obaku and highly-educated men. He became the 26th abbot of Zuisho-ji in 1820.

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