Nakamura Sojyun ” Be master of yourself “

ID 00120

Nakamura Sojyun


Zen Rinzai. The chief abbot of Daitoku-ji and Zen master of there.


Be master of yourself everywhere. MurasakinoKan’un.


Paper Dimension 105*28.5

Whole Dimension 177*31

Sumi ink on paper, fine. Tea ceremony style silk mounting, fine.


Price 150,000JPY

Honolific name Kan’un sitsu. In his 9 years old, he was ordained by Nishiyama Takudo who is abbot of Daiho-ji in Ehime. In 1946, he entered into Myoshin-ji monastery and studied under Zen master of Kondo Bunko. Eventually, he transmitted his Dharma. In 1961, he settled in Soken-ji in Shiga. In 1967, He acceeded as Zen master of Daitokuji monastery. In 1983, he died at 62 years old.