Murakami Mutei “Endlessly talking about …”

ID 12443

(Murakami)Mutei Mutei


The Nanzen-ji branch. Zen master of Kokeizan Eiho-ji. Hakurin-ji in Nagoya.


野鴨子図 馬祖見来たって相い共に語る 語り尽くす山雲海月の情 五峰并書

Endlessly talking about the feeling of mountains, clouds, oceans, and moon.


Paper Dimension 132.1*43.9

Whole Dimension 197.7*56.0

 Vertical paper mounting. Normal style. Silk ink on paper, fine. Mounting, a little rough with a few spots.

Paulownia box


Price 100,000JPY


Pen name: Goho-an. Dharma transmission from Dokutan Sosan, and also practiced under Tankai Gensho. Reconstructed Hakurin-ji which was destroyed by the Nobi earthquake.

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