Mineo Daikyu ” A circle “

ID 00156

Mineo Daikyu


Zen Rinzai. The chief abbot of Myoshin-ji. The founder of Heirin-ji monastery and Zen master of there.


A circle.

Moon, dumplings, or a bucket? 88 years Daikyu.



Paper dimension 30*63

Whole dimension 123*68

Sumi ink on paper. Tea ceremony style silk mounting. Both are almost fine.

Price 70,000JPY

Pen name Toukou kutsu. He studied under Imakita kousen and Syaku Souen in Engakuj-ji, Kamakura. He transmitted Dharma from Syaku Souen eventually. He moved back to Saisyo-in where he was ordained. In 1898, He took a position as a Zenmaster of Horin-ji monastery and settled there.  He taught young monks of the Engaku Monastery on behalf of there’s zen master when Syaku Soen was absent. In 1902, he moved to Heirin-ji in Saitama and founded a monastery in there. In 1940, he entrusted the Zen master of Heirin-ji to his successor Shirouzu Keizan. During this period, he also assumed the post of the abbot of the Myoshin-ji from 1938 to 1942. When the 13 Rinzai sects united, he was appointed as the second Rinzai sect chief abbot. He died at 95.