Matsubara Banryu ” Bodhidharma “

ID 00213

Matsubara Banryu


Zen Rinzai. The 126th chief abbot of Zuigan-ji. The founder of the Zuigan monastery.



Clouds hang on the peak – motionless.

Rapid water running in the valley – murmuring. Zuigan Banryu painting respectfully.



Paper Dimension 160cm * 48cm

Whole Dimension 230cm * 61cm

Normal style silk mounting. The paper and mounting are almost fine.


Price 50,000JPY

Kogetsushitu. He transmitted the Dharma from Dokuen Ogino of Shokokuji Temple. Then he became the chief abbot of Zuigan-ji Temple in 1905. In 1926, he founded the Zuigan-ji specialized monastery. He rebuilt Daibai-ji Temple, the place where Zen Master Ungo Kiyo settled down. He was famous for his respect for the traditional style of life, especially for his simple and elegant manner of living.